Who Looks Better In These Colors?

Did I use the beautiful Abby Wetherington as clickbait, obviously... But I honestly can't decide which picture I'd rather look at before I grab my towel!! Abby is a drop dead gorgeous dime, but Joe Burrow in a Dolphins jersey got me feeling some type of way. If burrow ends up in Miami I will name my jit Joe Burrow Longley that way my son is already born bout his fucking smoke. Obviously trading up for Joe Burrow won't come with out a fat ass price tag on it, but just like anything, you get what your pay for! I love Joe, but I am not bout sending away all of our number 1's to move up 4 spots. In my opinion the ideal trade for Joe would be: 1st Round this year, 1st round next year, and a 2nd round this year. Both sides benefit and odds are Bengals will still end up getting a solid QB. Also, LETS BE REAL!! Joe Burrow has lived in shitty Ohio his WHOLE life (no offense but Miami and Ohio DON'T EVEN COMPARE ASK BRON!!) Joe would be loving life as a Miami Dolphin, and I could NOT think of a better leader for this franchise. I promise you his composure in the pocket is something that will be raved about for the next 15-20 years!! PRINT THE FUCK T-SHITS BABY BURROW MIAMI 2020!!

-Papa Smoke

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