WGC-Workday Championship Round 3: Chandler's Best Bets

Howdy Degenerates,

I am Chandler and I am super excited to be joining a group as wild and exciting as SmokeSports. Although I gamble (responsibly) on every sport, my favorite to bet is golf. Betting golf is very different from most sports, with the season being so long and every golfer being so good, any single golfer can shoot 4 low rounds in any given weekend. So, in golf it is key to find consistent players that will put you in a position on Sunday to cash a big ticket each week.

Will you cash an outright winner every week? Of course not. Golf gambling is a marathon, but lucky for you, here at SmokeSports we sprint marathons.

There are two PGA Tour events happening this week, the Puerto Rico Open as well as the World Golf Championship-Mexico. All the big hitters are in the WGC so that is what we will be focused on.