West Side ! NFC West Preview

NFC West:

This division is like Battle Royale, it’s an absolute free for all. But there’s one team that going to dominate the lobby like Nick Mercs and that’s the LA Rams.

LA Rams:

The Rams went 10-6 last year with Twinkle Toe Goff. If you watch Jared Goff play, you know exactly why I call him twinkle toe. Guy looks like Sid the sloth out there. Bringing in Matt Stafford to replace Sid the Sloth might be the greatest upgrade to the QB position is NFL history. I cannot wait to see what this offense can produce with a QB who’s not afraid to let his nuts hang. Aside from Stafford, the Rams have arguably the best defense in the NFL. Shit you can make the case that Jalen Ramsey and Aaron Donald are the two best defensive players in the NFL and they’re on the same team! I believe the Rams RUN AWAY with this division.

Prediction: Rams 12-5


This team finished 6-10 last year while going 1-7 at home. The 49ers injury report looked a Christmas tree. They just couldn’t get healthy. With a healthy roster and a head coach like Kyle Shannon the 49ers will win some games. Let’s not forget these guys were playing in the Super Bowl two years ago. When healthy, this team is dangerous. I believe they'll have a blast from the past and surprise a lot of people this year.