Welcome to SmokeSports, Brady said FUCK New England

After extensive research I’ve realized to grow this brand I will have write these fucking blogs. I fucking hate writing, I love running my mouth, but actually writing and worrying about grammar makes me  nauseous. So don’t come on here thinking you’re going to read some type of college paper. This is Smoke Fucking Sports. I’m just here to give you guys smoke. 

Since this is my first blog, I feel it should be an introductory. I stared SmokeSports for a number of reasons :

  1. I love sports and I’m a degenerate sports gambler. 

  2. This brand makes me the happiest man on the planet.

  3. I fucking hate mainstream sports media (ESPN) and their shitty recycling system where they talk about the same shit over and over again.

  4. Barstool never emailed me back, all love tho.

  5. I can say whatever I want on camera/paper and I can’t get fired.

Couple weeks ago, I had someone ask me “why should I support SmokeSports?”

Well first of all asshole, I went 39-9 betting NBA basketball and didn’t ask for a single dollar. I’m like a degenerate Robin Hood, that’s number 1. Number 2, my content is gold, am I being conceded (had to use Siri to spell it) ? No, I’m just telling you the truth. Number 3, I produce new, and consistent content everyday like the home page of pornhub. And lastly, you will be apart of one of the biggest sports media companies of all time!!!

Our HQ is out in Broward County, FL, in my room, at my moms house, office is a little small, but we make it work. In fact I love it so much that I’ve stayed in the office for the entire quarantine. Enough of the bull shit tho, Patriot fans where the fuck you at? I’ve been getting bullied by Thomas Brady since BIRTH, TWENTY FUCKING YEARS. And now he’s finally gone, and you know what? I’m glad he is. He’s got nothing left to prove to guys, he won you 6 Super Bowls and you had the fucking  audacity(thanks Siri) to BOO him off the field??? You got to be shitting me. Now you're stuck with Stiddick at QB, might as well start selling the “Tank 4 Trevor” T-Shirts because you guys are going to get BULLIED, the dolphins are going to bring the brooms out on your sorry asses. So sit back and reminisce on your 20 year highlight tape. That’s all I got for today, and if you read all this just know I love & appreciate you.

-Papa Smoke

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