Week 2 NFL Picks - Big Dev

New Orleans Saints (-3.5) @ Carolina Panthers / OVER 44.5

^ Two HOT offenses from Week 1. Should be a great match up

Houston Texans (+13) @ Cleveland Browns / OVER 48

Many think Tyrod is a fluke, we’ll see bout dat

Cincinnati Bengals @ Chicago Bears (-2.5) / OVER 44.5

ChiTown defense over Bengals O. Lessee if Fields hits the Field

Las Vegas Raiders @ Pittsburgh Steelers -6.5 / UNDER 47

Defensive effort against 2 QBs that love to launch the ball

Buffalo Bills (-3 ALL DAY) @ Miami Dolphins OVER 47.5

Nobody circles the wagon like the BUFFALO BILLS

Los Angeles Rams (-3.5) @ Indianapolis Colts UNDER 48

Might be too early to say BUT I believe Stafford and the Rams are the REAL DEAL

San Francisco 49ers @ Philadelphia Eagles (+3) / OVER 49

Anticipate Hurts to keep the game close with home field fans

Denver Broncos (-6) v Jacksonville / OVER 45

Potential shootout. But Von Miller and Bradley Chubb art set to share the huddle for the first time since 2019 so watch out for Denver's Defense, toss up. Avoid this game

New England Patriots (-6) @ New York Jets / OVER 43

Who is even in the Jets backfield? Tevin Coleman? FOH, Pats shhmoney

Minnesota Vikings @ Arizona Cardinals (-3.5) / UNDER 50.5

When will you ever see Kirk is getting it rolling, until then, bet against him

Atlanta Falcons @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-12.5) / OVER 51

Tom does Tom things here

Tennessee Titans @ Seattle Seahawks (-6.5) / UNDER 54

Tann-e in a shhlump? We’ll see how Wilson shows up

Dallas Cowboys @ Los Angeles Chargers (-3.5) / OVER 55

Is Herbert the real deal? We’ll see if Dak can test those limits

Kansas City Chiefs (-3.5) @ Baltimore Ravens / OVER 54.5

Don't know if its expected the defenses show up or get exposed by 2 versatile QBs, Bettors discretion advised


Detroit Lions @ Green Bay Packers (-11.5) / OVER 48.5

^ Rodgers turns things around from week 1 and covers a majority of the over

Looking forward to posting my record each week.

Parlay Play:

Saints -3.5

Bills -3

Rams -3.5

All away teams that are favored. FEELIN’ IT

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