Week 1 College Football Power Rankings

After a thrilling week 1 that had it all, here are my top 25 teams

Alabama Crimson Tide (1-0)- Beat one of the best teams in the ACC in dominating fashion. Bryce Young lived up to the hype and the defense looked phenomenal as well.

Georgia Bulldogs (1-0)- This defense is the definition of scary as they provided the only touchdown of the biggest game of the week. I have faith the offense will find its rhythm soon.

Texas A&M Aggies (1-0) Haynes King did not look great, but he has plenty of time to get ready vs SEC play and facing Colorado next week will give him some confidence. Defense and Rbs looked as expected.

Ohio State Buckeyes (1-0)- Dominant? No, but PJ Fleck had the Buckeyes right where he wanted them and they still prevailed. Major props to Ryan Day for sticking with CJ Stroud for the whole game and never losing faith in his young QB.

Oklahoma Sooners (1-0)- Tulane gave the Sooners quite the scare. It's only week 1 so I’m not gonna jump to conclusions and say oh yea OU was overrated, but they drop from second to fifth in my rankings.

Clemson Tigers (0-1)- Had super high expectations for this team… Too high obviously as they didn’t even score a TD. However I think they are still a great team and will win out. DJ will only get better as the year goes on.

Iowa State Cyclones (1-0)- The Cyclones had their traditional “let's be terrible vs a really bad team and make everyone think we stink” game but escaped with a win vs Northern Iowa. I expect them to beat Iowa at home next week in front of College Gameday.

Iowa Hawkeyes (1-0)- Michael Penix put on a clinic as he loved throwing to Iowa’s Dbs in the Hawkeyes route of Indiana. Brock Purdy won’t do that as I believe Iowa is in for a rude awakening next week in Ames. However they are still a great team.

Penn State Nittany Lions (1-0)- It wasn’t pretty but Penn State got the job done on the road vs a Wisconsin team many people were high on. This secondary is legit and Jaquon Brisker proves to be one of the best players in all of CFB.

USC Trojans (1-0)- I expected the reigning Mountain West champs to put up a solid fight, especially since they already had a game under their belt, but the Trojans put that to rest fast. Their defense stole the show and the offense looked solid as well.

Texas Longhorns (1-0)- No they're not too high. Hudson Card and Casey Thompson both had over 90 QBRs in the Longhorns first game of the Sark era, where they beat a ranked opponent by 3 scores. They are legit and I cannot wait to watch this high flying offense once again.

UCLA Bruins (2-0)- Everything I said about LSU and the factors I thought would play a role in this game came to fruition as the Bruins beat the Tigers 38-27. Zach Charbonnet is a problem and DTR is doing enough in the pass game to keep defenses on their toes.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish (1-0)- The Irish’s new look defense did not look good as they gave up many chunk plays. The offense looked good but FSU’s defense was very bad. They got lucky to come away with a win.

Ole Miss (1-0)- If you read my articles often, you know how high I am on Ole Miss and especially Matt Corral. The offense looked electric vs Louisville but the defense is what impressed me the most as they looked insanely quick and the DBs were ball hawks as well.

Cincinnati (1-0)- I still think they are wildly overrated hence why I have them 4 spots back of their actual AP poll ranking, but the Bearcats did their job and dominated Miami Ohio. Let them have their fun until they play a power 5 opponent.

Wisconsin Badgers (0-1)- They looked exactly how I expected them to look. Thankfully their schedule is incredibly easy so they will most definitely bounce back.

Miami Hurricanes (0-1)- No shame in losing to Bama. I still believe this is the second best ACC team. Tough situation for King to be in, especially coming off that injury. Manny Diaz still sucks though.

Virginia Tech Hokies (1-0)- Definitely obligated to put them in here as they had one of the best performances of week 1. However I don’t see a way they keep it up, expect VT to drop off in a big way.

Utah Utes (1-0)- Not a wildly impressive showing but they got the job done. The Utes goal should be to be 4-0 heading into the USC game.

Kentucky Wildcats (1-0)- Will Levis balled out in his first game for Kentucky. We all know about how good their O line and Chris Rodriguez is but if Levis keeps this up… look out for Kentucky.

Oregon Ducks (1-0)- I felt like Fresno State would keep it close with the Ducks and they did. Losing Kayvon is the worst possible thing that could have happened and it did. I still think the Ducks are overrated.

Kansas State Wildcats (1-0)- I knew the offense would show up, but the defense stole the show as Stanford could not get anything going whatsoever. As long as Skylar Thompson stays healthy, this is a top 25 team.

Arizona State Sun Devils (1-0)- Not super high on ASU but they did their job in week 1. Excited to see how the defense will look when conference play starts.

Florida Gators (1-0)- Emory Jones struggled to say the least and I simply do not get the hype around this team. Would not be surprised if they finished the season unranked.

Texas Tech Red Raiders (1-0)- It made me really happy to see the Red Raiders perform well on defense in a game many thought they’d lose. Tyler Shough looked awesome and linked up with Erik Enzukanma a ton which I loved to see. If the defense keeps this up, keep an eye on Texas Tech as they are very underrated.

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