Well, here we are ,1-4 going into Week 5 and we're playing the Jags in London. If you were to ask me 3 months ago if I'm scared to play the Jags, I would have had piss flowing down my leg because of how hard I would have laughed in your face.

Now, I'm nervous.

It's not that I'm scared of the Jags, they are actual shit. There is just so much more at stake here than an L in the loss column. If we lose to this poverty franchise, our season is done. I'll take it a step further, we might have to rebuild the rebuild. If we were to lose to these bums, Flo would lose the entire locker room before they even got on the flight back home. The fans would throw in the towel, that doesn't mean we won't watch every snap, but I can assure you that if we lose to the fucking Jags we are not even sniffing the playoffs, nevertheless 10 wins.

However, I think we win this Sunday, convincingly. This reminds me of last year, we were 0-2 going into Jacksonville on Thursday Night and we ran them out of the fucking building. After that win we ended up winning 4 of our next 5 games, and finally had some juice. I believe we do the same thing this Sunday, destroy the Jags, and get some juice. There's no reason why we can't win 4 of our next 5 after this Sunday. We play the Falcons (we can beat), the Bills (we lose by 40), the Texans (big dub), the Ravens (calling the upset now), and the dumpy Jets (free win). That'd put us at 5-5 and give us hope at making the playoffs.

If we handle our business across the pond, the season can be saved. However, if we pull some Miami Dolphins shit and lose, I'll sew my eyes shut so I never have to watch another game again.

Fins Up!

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