Well sorta...

Today we have the Hall of Fame preseason game between the Steelers and the Cowboys. Although the game doesn't mean shit, it gives us the opportunity to bet on the NFL, and as Thomas Shelby said, "if we can we do". So sack the fuck up and get ready to max bet the first game of the season.

Nobody knows who's actually playing in this charity event, so you're better off flipping a coin and letting fate decide who to bet on. Luckily for all of you, I already took the initiative and flipped a coin this morning. Heads was Steelers, tails was Cowboys, and as I watched the quarter twirl in the air I said wow, this flip is either going to win me $1,000 or put me in the fucking grave. The coin hit the ground, and it was tails.

Tonight's max bet is the Dallas Cowboys......

Boys we're back .

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