Urban Meyer is a college football legend, but man is he a fucking idiot lmao. Last night the 0-3 Jags who are now 0-4, jumped out to an impressive 14-0 lead, and had the opportunity to make it a 3 possession game before half time. There was less than a minute to go in the first half, the Jags were up 14-0, and had a 4th and goal on the Bengals two yard line. The Jags went for it and got stuffed, and that's when Urban knew he fucked up.

Obviously I'm not a NFL head coach or even a flag football coach, but it’s fucking common sense that when you have an opportunity to make it a 3 possession game IN THE NFL, you do it every single time. This isn’t the Big 10 Urban, you're not playing fucking Rutgers at home. The talent you have on your current team doesn’t have the capability to mask your stupidity.

All in all, I respect Urban Meyer but he needs to know what he did was fucking stupid. It cost his team the game. The Jag’s went into half time up 14, and lost by 3. Sucks to suck, but hey, at least they covered the 7.5 !

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