UFC 264: McGregor vs Poirier Preview!!

McGregor vs Poirier:

After watching the pre-fight presser between these two men; there is no hesitation when I say that Saturday should be nothing short of fireworks, bad blood, and above all an exciting fight. This fight is a lot harder to predict because both men are just that talented and equally as deadly. Conor talked his shit and made some fans drool over the return of his foul mouthed, bad boy behavior. The question is though is it really him? We know he can talk his shit but I am not convinced that this is the man we once saw knock out arguably the greatest featherweight in UFC history in under 15 seconds. Dustin on the other hand has grown significantly as a fighter since their first meeting in 2014 and is coming off a very valid KO of McGregor. Dustin swears that the shit talk doesn't phase him anymore but there we countless occasions where he looked a little uneasy about what was being said. Truth be told I probably won't bet on this fight after losing a couple hundred on Conor back in January but given history and my knowledge of MMA; I would give Conor the nod simply because of how good he is in rematches.

Burns vs Wonderboy:

This is a fight I absolutely love but again tough to choose. Burns is coming off a loss from a championship fight against one of the more dominant welterweights in recent years. In my opinion the guy hasn't had too many notable fights or wins against guys of some notoriety. He beat a on his way out Woodley and an out his prime Maia. That doesn't make him any less dangerous though. The dude is a BJJ olympic gold medalist and in his last 3 fights has looked very good. Thompson, on the other hand, has the more notable resume but hasn't fought a guy that really tests him until now. Thompson does have a win against Masvidal and surprisingly Rob Whittaker but that was in 2014. This fight is a toss up. I think Burns pushes the pace better on the fight but Thompson has the cardio to keep up. Ultimately I think it comes down to ground game which I gotta give Burns the nod.

Tuivasa vs Hardy:

Personally this fight doesn't excite me as much as others but who doesn't love to see two big heavyweights get after it. I would personally switch this with the Niko Price fight because I believe that is a more exciting fight but I do believe 100% there is a knockout to be seen for this. Hardy is aggressive and definitely possesses knockout power but he has lost against the notable names of heavyweight such as Volkov and Tybura and I believe this Saturday it will be no different. Tybura is a rather decent name in the heavyweight division and by far the more seasoned heavyweight fighter. I think it takes more than just swinging and slugging to win at heavyweight and I think Tybura is the all around better fighter and to me that wins any day against a guy like Hardy.

Aldana vs Kunitskaya:

This is a pretty notable women's bantamweight matchup meaning that whoever wins this match will probably get put into a favorable position for their next fight meaning they'll fight for the contender spot to see who unfortunately has to fight Amanda Nunes in the future. Regardless, this fight is truly a toss up in my opinion. Both are some above average fighters in this division but once paired with a notable name they fall under pressure. Both women are typically decision fighters so if your'e looking to bet I would go with the over and I wouldn't expect much out of th