UCF Takes Down Auburn to Start the Season

The Knights (1-0) came out on top versus the Tigers (1-2) in their season opener Monday night at Addition Financial Arena. In a 63-55 win, the Knights played lights out on defense. Even though this team is still learning how to play together, they came out on top in a big home opener.

Dre Fuller Jr. was the star of the night with 13 points, 5 assists and 7 rebounds in 37 minutes. Dre wasn't alone. Brandon Mahan added 12 key points in the second half to help UCF secure the dub. Numbers are numbers but UCF defense is something to watch out for this season.

Johnny Dawkins is no rookie when it comes to taking teams deep. Can the Knights make a run for it this season with CJ Walker, an Oregon transfer and former 5-star recruit joining this offense? Only time will tell.

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