UCF Hires Gus Malzahn as its New Head Coach

Photo courtesy of UCF Athletics.

It's officially official! UCF hires Gus Malzahn to a five-year, $11.5 million contract. The newly appointed athletic director, Terry Mohajir, made it a point to hire a head coach within his first week and he definitely held up on his end of the deal.

Malzahn was fired on December 13th after coaching eight seasons at Auburn. He led the Tigers to the national championship game in 2013, made an SEC championship appearance in 2017, and made it to the Peach Bowl in 2018 where they eventually lost to UCF, coincidence? Malzahn was 68-35 overall and 39-27 in SEC play.

As a man of his word, Mojahir was able to hire a new head coach in his first week. Mojahir and Malzahn are no strangers, though. While at Arkansas State, Malzahn had a one-year head coaching stint back in 2013 before leaving for Auburn. Malzahn is known for his quick offense and loves to play the no-huddle offense. Fits perfectly with UCFast, huh?

It should be interesting to see what Malzahn will bring to Orlando this season. Are you all aboard the #GusBus? Let me know your take on the new signing on Twitter @Smoke_EtheBear and don't forget to follow @SmokeSportss for the best sports and betting content.

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