Being a Miami Dolphins fan is both a blessing and a curse. Every year we are filled with new hope and joy. The preseason usually runs smooth and leaves us drooling for the regular season to start, and that's when all hell breaks loose.

After shitting on the Patriots, we got manhandled by Buffalo and lost Tua on like the second play of the game. Then we fly out to Vegas and by the grace of God we somehow made it to OT and lost.

Now we're 1-2 and there's no way out. 1-2 is a place where nobody wants to be, according to twitter, no team in NFL history has bounced back from 1-2. Shit you can ask Dora, she wouldn't be able to find her way out of 1-2 with her talking map.

Which leaves us to today's smoke:

Tua getting shipped to Washington to bring Watson to Miami. I'm talking from a strictly football POV, Watson legit shits on Tua, it's not even close, please stop lying to yourself. I like Tua I think he can be good but the guy has been benched 3 times in 12 starts, stop saying we have no assessment. However, it's not a football driven decision or the trade would have already been completed. I've heard Watson's attorney read text messages from multiple masseuse and let's just say it didn't sound like he forced anything, the masseuse literally asked him to come back again. However that still leaves like 20 other claims so who actually knows wtf is going on. But if I'm being honest I'm glad we're getting a 2nd round pick for Tua because we can't draft a good player in the first round anyway.

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