Trash Ass Nets

So much for the "series of the year"! This series has been more lopsided than your grandmother's breast. Boston owns Brooklyn, it's that simple. Don't let the scoreboard fool you, 109-103 doesn't represent the beat down the Celtics gave the Nets last night.

As a Heat fan, and an absolute mush who's bet on Brooklyn every single game thinking they'd win at least once, I must confess the Celtics are real. Jayson Tatum is an absolute dog. Anytime the Nets thought they had life at getting back into the game Tatum shut that shit down real quick. It's not even up for debate anymore, he's the best player in this series. Riddle me this, how the hell is Bruce Brown the leading scorer for the Brooklyn Nets in a must win game? KD dropping 16 points is pathetic. Please don't ever mention KD and Lebron again, he's not on Bron's level. As a Heat fan I witnessed the 2011 Lebron choke, but that was in the finals! We're talking about the first round here! The Nets who have Kyrie and KD are about to get SWEPT.

The Nets look lost, the lack of chemistry is evident. A lot of it has to do with missed time due to injury, but I'd say most of it falls on their Head Coach Steve Nash. The team looks unprepared, and fails to adjust to anything Boston throws at them during the game.

Tip my cap to the Boston Celtics, a series well won.

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