Top Five Best NFL Draft Selections of 2020

As draft weekend concluded almost a week ago, there is still nothing else sports related to discuss aside from it. 

Although the draft is one of my favorite times of the year, usually its shine is taken by the NBA and NHL playoffs and rightfully so. Due to the Rona pandemic this year it wasn’t and we saw a star studded draft class.

When I say best draft selection I mean sleeper picks, how well the player fits in with the team or a just a guy with minimal to no downside, which there is a few of those in my opinion. 

With that being said there is probably a few others that could’ve made this list, but these are my top five so if you disagree go at it with me on twitter @thiskid_coby5. 

T-5. Curtis Weaver, DE/LB Miami Dolphins and Troy Dye LB Minnesota Vikings