Top 10 Tuesday - NFL Power Rankings

Tuesday is a bit of a down day in sports with no NFL football going on, so I thought I’d start doing a weekly blog where I rank the top 10 in different categories with some explanation. What better way to start than doing an NFL power ranking after 5 weeks? So here we go!

1. Buffalo Bills

I think there are three teams in the league that could be considered for the top spot, but I think it must go to Buffalo. Outside of a shocking week one loss to the Steelers, the Bills have been lights out. Allowing just 41 points in the following four games including 2 shutouts. The defense has been really solid, and their offense is electric with Josh Allen being a front runner to win MVP. The recent domination over the Chiefs put them over the edge for me and lands them at my #1 spot.

2. Arizona Cardinals

The only remaining undefeated team in the NFL. They also play in the hardest division and have gone an impressive 2-0 in divisional games. They are a top 5 offense in many statistical categories and Kyler Murray has been awesome to watch. Their schedule down the stretch is tough but remaining undefeated at this point is good enough for the #2 spot for me.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The defending Super Bowl champions come in at three on my list. They are 4-1 with their only loss coming to a really good Rams team. The run defense they have is suffocating. I do worry about them against the pass, but I think they have time to improve. Having the greatest football player to ever live at QB certainly helps as well. On top of that Antonio Brown seems to have returned to his old form, which is a scary sight for defenses.

4. Dallas Cowboys

Another 4-1 team that has been quite impressive this year. Their only loss came on opening night of the NFL season to the Bucs in an extremely close game. Dak and the offense have looked sensational and I think its going to be hard to slow them down. The defense hasn’t been half bad either with Tre Diggs leading the NFL in interceptions. They should cake walk their division and be a legit threat come playoff time.

5. Los Angeles Rams

The Matt Stafford move has been working out nicely for this Rams team. They have looked great this season with only one loss coming at the hands of the Cardinals. Their win over the Bucs was very impressive and I think this team will continue to roll. It will be a battle with the Cardinals to win that division. I expect them to win that division, but with a loss to Cardinals earlier this year, they have to be ranked slightly below them.

6. Los Angeles Chargers

Back to back LA teams! The Chargers have built on an impressive year they had last year. Justin Herbert looks to be the real deal (Why couldn’t the Dolphins have just picked him and made my life easier.) They finally have a coach with his head screwed on straight too! They are a late comeback against the Cowboys away from being undefeated this year with a win over KC to boot. I have really been impressed by this Chargers football team.

7. Green Bay Packers

Another team that has really bounced back since a week one loss. The packers have won 4 straight and are rolling. Rodgers seems to want to prove a point this year and is doing so through 5 weeks. Devante Adams is far and away the best WR in the NFL and has been producing on a high level. Their defense does worry me a bit with the Jaire Alexander injury and some other injuries. Also, if they don’t cut Mason Crosby’s dumb ass, I would be shocked. All time terrible performance against the Bengals.

8. Baltimore Ravens

The last of the 4-1 teams comes in at #8. The Ravens have been getting it done with wins in four consecutives, but they haven’t exactly been pretty. Close wins over the Colts and Lions are the reason they are down to #8 for me. It has taken some late comebacks to win those games, but a win is definitely a win!

9. Cleveland Browns

The Browns sit at 3-2 after the first 5 weeks this year. I still believe they have one of the most talented rosters in football, but the injury bug certainly hasn’t been kind to them. They have been without some major players on both sides of the ball this year. Honestly, they kind of got screwed in their last game against the Chargers as well. That PI call on the defender guarding Mike Williams was bullshit in my opinion. If the Browns can start to get healthy, I think they are still a contender.

10. Kansas City Chiefs

Rounding out the top 10 we have the Chiefs. Honestly, I am not sure they even deserve this spot, but they are getting it off reputation alone. They sit at 2-3 and dead last in their division. Their defense can’t stop a cold, allowing 32.6 points per game. However, their losses have been to some good teams. We know what Mahomes and the offense is capable of so for that reason they must stay in my top 10.

*Honorable Mention – Carolina Panthers

I so badly wanted to put the Panthers in my top 10. I have been so impressed with them this year, but the odd loss last week to the Eagles pushes them outside the top 10. Injury issues have plagued them with CMC missing a lot of time and young stud, Jaycee Horn breaking his foot. I like this team and will be keeping an eye on them.

Hope you enjoyed Top 10 Tuesday! Ill be carrying this on every Tuesday with different ranking topics.

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