Thursday Night Football Lock of the Week

Had a busy week this last weekend and didn’t get to post a blog. I posted my picks on twitter and went a meh 3-4. I think I need to retire for totals because I am just so damn bad at them. But were going to bounce back! Just must keep grinding. I made my pick for the TNF game tonight below. I’m headed to Pittsburgh this weekend to go to the MNF game so ill get a blog up for this weekend’s games tomorrow.

New York Jets @ Indianapolis Colts

Line: Colts -10.5 -110

Total: 45.5

Last week we saw Mike White throw for 400+ and a dub over the Bengals. It was a shocking upset as the Jets were 11.5-point dogs. Tonight, the Jets are coming in at double digit underdogs once again. From what I am seeing, a lot of people think 10.5 is too many points tonight for this Jets team. I am assuming people think Mike White is actually good and the Jets have a shot? Let’s not forget…It’s Mike White after all. But the numbers back it. Like I’ve mentioned in the past, I like looking at where the money lies, especially on a stand-alone game. The public is all over the Jets with 61% of the bets being on them. However, the Colts are getting 69% of the money! We have a public away dog on our hands. The only thing that makes me a little nervous is betting on Carson Wentz. The guy is a complete wild card. I just think the Colts are going to be too much for the Jets and Mike White is going to come back down to realty. Feels like a 24-10 game to me.

Pick: Colts -10.5

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