ThEiR sTaRtErS wErE oUt

Them Miami Heat boys played the Brooklyn Nets early this afternoon and I bet half of y’all didn’t realize it till it was too late to tune in. For the Nets, James Harden was OUT and KD left the game in the first due to a left thigh contusion.

Jimmy Buckets was out so you gotta give the boys credit for snaggin the W and doggin it out at home against a strong Brooklyn roster.

Shamet had a career game and looked automatic from every angle. Dropping 30 points along with Kyries 20 points wasnt enough to outlast the heat.

SHEESH watta shot by ADEBAYO to seal the 109-107 dubski.

The heat SHOW OUT against great teams and blow it against mediocre teams, anybody else feel the same way?

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