The NFL Has Officially Announced a 17 Game Regular Season

The NFL has taken the leap to add an extra game into the regular season, and it was bound to happen. There were talks about how the new TV deal was coming up, so of course, they would add an extra game to make more money. Personally, I disagree with adding an extra game because of two things. The physical destruction the game puts on their body just cannot be underestimated, and now you’ll have nerds comparing the 16 game seasons to the new 17 game season.

I’m all for more football for my viewing and betting pleasure, but do the players really need this? The game literally destroys people's bodies, and I just think it's a tad overkill to put these guys in more games without an extra bye week. My ideal season is a 20 week season, with 17 games and 3 bye weeks for each team. Opens up opportunities for less clutter at the 1 pm and 4 pm Sunday slots, and gives players their needed rest.

And now the bigger gripe I have. I understand sports evolve and they are constantly changing, but this is just gonna fuck the record books. You'll have inflation of career stats, and season stats are shot. It takes away from how special some of these records are. 5,000 passing yards in a season will be easier and all of these single-season stats are just blah now. And even more important, you'll have idiots on Twitter that are gonna argue stats against the 16 game season when the new season will have an extra game. I just know some 12-year-old is gonna talk about Jalen Hurts sophomore year being “elite” when he has a full extra game against Danny Dimes sophomore year. (yeah, I know this is an extremely specific example, but I know it'll happen so fuck off. You don't have to deal with these eagle fans on Twitter but I do. They’re irrational mouth breathers who don't deserve to operate technology.)

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