The Los Angeles Dodgers are World Series Champions

Last night Corey Seager, Mookie Betts, and Kevin Cash led the Los Angeles Dodgers to their first World Series title since 1988.

Let’s break down what the means for some of these Dodgers and their legacies.

CLAYTON KERSHAW: There is no doubt that Kershaw is one of, if not the best, starting pitcher of this generation. His one hiccup had always been the postseason… until now. Kershaw showed up in the playoffs this season and went 2-0 against the Rays in the World Series. As if he didn’t have enough motivation, you have to believe watching Justin Verlander and Max Scherzer win their first championships was an inspiration for Kershaw to go out and get his. As a baseball fan, it's great seeing Kershaw become a champion, which locks him into the Hall of Fame five years after he hangs em up.

MOOKIE BETTS: The key offseason addition to this team came out and proved to everyone (Boston) that he is worth every penny of his new deal. One of the top players in the entire league now has his second championship in three years. Side note: watching Mookie ball in the playoffs is a small reminder that the MLB needs to