The Lakers win Number 17

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

As a lifelong Miami Heat fan and a believer that Lebron James is the GOAT, the Lakers winning the NBA title over Miami has given me mixed feelings.

On one hand, my Miami Heat went on a run that not even Heat fans were expecting going into the season. Jimmy Butler showed the world that he is indeed a winner, and Bam Adebayo proved to be one of the best young bigs in the entire league. Add to that the fact that we have young shooters surrounding them in Duncan Robinson and Tyler Herro plus veteran talent like Dragic, Iggy, and Jae Crowder and it looks like the Heat have a very bright future moving forward.

But let’s talk about the Lakers. Lebron James gets his fourth title with his third different franchise and becomes the first player to win Finals MVP with three different franchises. Anthony Davis takes his place as one of the greatest big men of the 21st century and wins his first world championship. However, contrary to common belief, the Lakers had more than two players on their squad this year, let’s check out some of the “others” who got to lift the trophy last night in Orlando.


Dwight Howard was already a first-ballot Hall of Famer, but winning his first title solidifies it. Howard has always been one of my favorite NBA players and as a fan, I was rooting for him during his down years. I wish his title didn’t come against Miami, and I wish he didn’t play so dirty in the Finals, but as a fan, I am happy for him beating the odds and becoming a key piece on a championship team.


This man killed the Heat in 2013, but I will always be thankful for these two moments.


Rondo has been a Heat killer since his early days in the league. Everyone remembers the battles between the big 3 in Boston and the big 3 down in South Beach. I hated when he got his first ring with the Celtics, but this one hurts just a little more knowing that someone deemed “uncoachable” reached the pinnacle of the sport against Miami. I liked him more when he was leading the league in assists in Sacramento, is no threat to Miami, and just being that fun to watch as a player with no jumper.


Now Dion Waiters is someone I wanted to be a winner this year, but of course, that was back when he was still in a Heat jersey. He changed my outlook on him real quick after some of the shenanigans he pulled at the start of the season, including overdosing on THC edible gummies on a team flight. He was the one sore spot in Miami at the start of the season and I couldn’t wait to get rid of him. Maybe he signed in Los Angeles so he could hang with Bronny and JR Smith and smoke some weed without any team discipline.


Yes, he did win the championship, but this NBA Finals and playoff run confirmed what we have always known, Spo is better. After years of losing to Miami in the Eastern Conference, Vogel got the David Platt/Tyron Lue treatment as the assistant coach to Lebron leading them to the NBA Finals. I could have coached this team to a ring. Frank Vogel is just lucky Lebron likes him.


By far the most annoying NBA champion. Dudley has been one of my least favorite players in the league since he got there. He has a bad case of what I like to call the Andre Miller disease. That's where even in your second or third year in the league you look like a 70-year-old man who has no right being on an NBA court. Just know if you’re reading this article you did just as much as Jared ‘Andre Miller’ Dudley to help the Lakers win the championship. I could go on and on about this guy, but I guess I’ll let him have his fifteen minutes of glory.

I'm not sure if he just misspelled CHUMP, but CHAMP is something I will NEVER call Jared Dudley.

I hope the Lakers enjoy this one, because Miami is coming back next year, and they’re coming for heads. Pat Riley will make whatever moves necessary to get this team back to the glory land, and that might mean pulling off a trade for a superstar this offseason or going after a certain Greek free agent in 2021.

See ya next year LA, hope you’ll be ready.

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