The Lakers win Number 17

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

As a lifelong Miami Heat fan and a believer that Lebron James is the GOAT, the Lakers winning the NBA title over Miami has given me mixed feelings.

On one hand, my Miami Heat went on a run that not even Heat fans were expecting going into the season. Jimmy Butler showed the world that he is indeed a winner, and Bam Adebayo proved to be one of the best young bigs in the entire league. Add to that the fact that we have young shooters surrounding them in Duncan Robinson and Tyler Herro plus veteran talent like Dragic, Iggy, and Jae Crowder and it looks like the Heat have a very bright future moving forward.

But let’s talk about the Lakers. Lebron James gets his fourth title with his third different franchise and becomes the first player to win Finals MVP with three different franchises. Anthony Davis takes his place as one of the greatest big men of the 21st century and wins his first world championship. However, contrary to common belief, the Lakers had more than two players on their squad this year, let’s check out some of the “others” who got to lift the trophy last night in Orlando.


Dwight Howard was already a first-ballot Hall of Famer, but winning his first title solidifies it. Howard has always been one of my favorite NBA players and as a fan, I was rooting for him during his down years. I wish his title didn’t come against Miami, and I wish he didn’t play so dirty in the Finals, but as a fan, I am happy for him beating the odds and becoming a key piece on a championship team.


This man killed the Heat in 2013, but I will always be thankful for these two moments.