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The Greatest Power Rankings After Week 7 In the NFL

For the Week 6 Power Rankings we had the 32 teams divided into 7 categories ranging from Cream of the Crop to Absolute Dogshit among others. Through expert analysis I have creating 6 brand new categories (and one same category) to divide these teams.

1) Cream of the Crop

2) 5-Star Potential

3) Are They Good?

4) Do you Believe in Miracles? No, I Do Not

5) Just End the Season Already AKA Absolute Dogshit

6) NFC East

7) The New York Jets

As always, these rankings and analysis are 100% accurate and cannot be disputed.

Cream of the Crop

Ok I couldn’t think of a better name so it’s the same as last week, sue me.

Steelers - The only undefeated team left in the NFL, they have very few weaknesses. Big Ben hasn’t looked great but they still are perfect on the year. Just imagine how amazing this team gets when he starts playing well.

Chiefs - I think it’s safe to say that the loss to the Raiders was a fluke with an absolute dominating win vs. Denver. This team is clicking on all cylinders.

Seahawks - Being on the losing side of that epic SNF game vs. Arizona is a tough pill to swallow for Russell Wilson, but he goes home to Ciara so who really won.

Bucs - This is now back to back weeks that the Bucs have obliterated their opponents. TB12 looks incredible and that defense is scary.

Packers - Aaron Rodgers “Fuck-You-GB-For-Drafting-A-QB-In-The-First-Round” tour is still going strong as he is dissecting defe