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The Greatest Power Rankings After Week 7 In the NFL

For the Week 6 Power Rankings we had the 32 teams divided into 7 categories ranging from Cream of the Crop to Absolute Dogshit among others. Through expert analysis I have creating 6 brand new categories (and one same category) to divide these teams.

1) Cream of the Crop

2) 5-Star Potential

3) Are They Good?

4) Do you Believe in Miracles? No, I Do Not

5) Just End the Season Already AKA Absolute Dogshit

6) NFC East

7) The New York Jets

As always, these rankings and analysis are 100% accurate and cannot be disputed.

Cream of the Crop

Ok I couldn’t think of a better name so it’s the same as last week, sue me.

Steelers - The only undefeated team left in the NFL, they have very few weaknesses. Big Ben hasn’t looked great but they still are perfect on the year. Just imagine how amazing this team gets when he starts playing well.

Chiefs - I think it’s safe to say that the loss to the Raiders was a fluke with an absolute dominating win vs. Denver. This team is clicking on all cylinders.

Seahawks - Being on the losing side of that epic SNF game vs. Arizona is a tough pill to swallow for Russell Wilson, but he goes home to Ciara so who really won.

Bucs - This is now back to back weeks that the Bucs have obliterated their opponents. TB12 looks incredible and that defense is scary.

Packers - Aaron Rodgers “Fuck-You-GB-For-Drafting-A-QB-In-The-First-Round” tour is still going strong as he is dissecting defenses (Ignoring the TB game).

Ravens - They didn’t win this week, and they didn’t lose this week. So, yeah…. that’s all I got for them.

5-Star Potential

Teams that have potential to win the Super Bowl, but just aren’t there yet. (Yes, this is essentially the same as “Not Sold Yet” from last week)

Titans - Derrick Henry is still a monster. They just ran into a great Steelers team. There is some worry about the defense and what will happen if Tannehill doesn’t perform.

49ers - You are starting to see this team at full health…wait Mostert and Deebo Samuel got hurt this game? Can they have one week without having health issues.

Colts - They didn’t win this week, and they didn’t lose this week. So, yeah…. that’s all I got for them.

Saints - This team just finds ways to win. No Michael Thomas or Emmanuel Sanders, but they still won against a good divisional opponent. Props to the Saints.

Cardinals - The Cardinals needed a statement win and they got one. Primetime against, what was perceived as, the best team in the NFL the Cardinals delivered and edged out a huge W. They have a bye next week, so maybe that will help them not have the huge letdown game.

Are They Good?

I think they are good, but then again maybe they suck? Only time will tell.

Bills - They are 5-2 and in 1st place in the AFC West. But are they actually good? A weak performance against the Jets has made me question them and Josh Allen.

Rams - Another 5-2 team that looked pretty good this week. Still not sold on them, and I’m not sure I ever will be. Jared Goff looked so iffy on a lot of throws. Maybe if they win next week I’ll believe. Doubtful, but there's a chance.

Bears - This defense can’t carry this team to the super bowl and their O-Line is horrible. Matt Nagy play calling is questionable at best and the run game is non-existent.

Panthers - I want to say they are good. I really do. The only problem is that if they are good than they should’ve won the last two games. BUT, they almost did. This is frustrating.

Dolphins - They didn’t win this week, and they didn’t lose this week. So, yeah…. that’s all I got for them.

Do You Believe in Miracles? No, I Do Not.

This isn’t the 1980 US Hockey Team. Sorry, you aren’t going to make the playoffs.

Patriots - Frauds. Cam Newton is not the Answer.

Lions - Matthew Stafford continues to be a really good QB. They are 3-3 and are looking to snag the 7th playoff spot in the NFC. I just don’t see this defense holding up for the remaining 10 games. Expect a 7-9 finish from DET.

Raiders - This was a game that the raiders needed to finally say that they are back. Unfortunately, the Bucs were too much for them, and I think that this game showed what kind of team the Raiders are going to be for the rest of the year.

Browns - I don’t care that they won. Cody Parkey missed XP causes CLE -3.5 to lose so I’m punishing them by placing them here.

Chargers - Justin Herbert, Wow. That’s All

Just End the Season Already AKA Absolute Dogshit

Time to focus on the 2021 season for these teams.

Broncos - I think it’s fairly evident that the Vic Fangio - Drew Lock experiment is a failure. Time for John Elway to draft another 6’4” or taller QB next year.

Falcons - It’s actually incredibly impressive how the Falcons blow leads week after week.

Vikings - They didn’t win this week, and they didn’t lose this week. So, yeah…. that’s all I got for them.

Bengals - This isn’t their season, but Joe Burrow certainly looks like he is the guy. Bengals rebuild is off to a great start, but still quite a bit of work to do.

Jaguars - Arguably, part of the best game of the week not named Seahawks - Cardinals, it was nice to see the Jaguars fight for 60 minutes. James Robinson looks to be a good #1 RB.

Texans - Just an incredibly flat performance from Houston. Any thoughts that they could make a run were shut down by GB.

NFC East

I think this category speaks for itself. It really is a shame one of these teams is going to make the playoffs. Instead of saying how trash they are I’m just going to give my predictions on how this division ends up

Eagles - (5-9-2) Yeah, they are going to tie again

Cowboys - (4-12) They have to play the Giants, so maybe they win a few more.

Football Team - (3-11-1) I’m so excited for the Eagles - Redskins tie game.

Giants - (2-14) Have fun drafting another OL in the first-round next year.

The New York Jets

I wonder what team will be under this category.

Jets - They actually had a lead last week against the Bills, but ended up losing anyway. I think it was more of the Bills playing poorly than the Jets doing anything that good. They still suck, and I fully expect them to go winless this season.

If you disagree with these rankings (which you shouldn’t since they are perfect in every way) feel free to tweet me (@smoke_links) and tell me why you are wrong.

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