That 10k bet on the wizards lookin mighty juicy

Remember how that Las Vegas bettor 10k placed on the Washington Wizards to take the championship in 2021? When they were just 8-17 on the season? A line at that time was a whopping +50000 for a payout of 5 milli?

Yeah, they might be in 10th place right now with a 3 game lead over Toronto and just a game behind for 8th seed. With 7 games to go. But we’ve seen crazier things happen.

i OnLy WaTcH pLaYoFfS.

The seasons are races not sprints for a reason. Talent is showcased each and every night, typically over 82 games but 72 this 2021 season due in part to COVID.

Riding momentum of 8-2 on their last 10. Westbrook seems to be embracing the cards he’s been dealt and making it happen. Finally, some weight has been taken off of Beal's shoulders since The Wall n Beal era.

I just have a few concerns. Cause that +50000 is almost too good to be true.

Depth and defense

Flaws include depth and defense. With some of the highest scores on the season versus practically anybody they play, they give up as much as they put up. I mean look at those scores. Don't get me wrong they are fun for the fn with constant scoring but where is the effin defense?

Images courtesy of TheScore app

How in the hell are you supposed to compete with Brooklyn nets bench players ranging from Blake griffin Landry Shamet behind Kyrie. Cmonnnn man if they’re healthy through the playoffs might as well just give em the crown. Cause their depth just speaks for itself, it’s ridiculous.

The Wizards have some work to do if they even THINK they’ll compete with some of the best rosters in the league. But if Beal ain't healthy. That's a wrap.

I don’t know bout you guys but im ready to sees something different outta the NBA playoffs and im interested to see this 7th-10th seed play in changes the playoff landscape.

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