Thanksgiving NFL Picks

What’s up people! After a short hiatus from the blog, I am back to give out some Thanksgiving winners! I’ve been lacking on the blogs a little bit but have been making weekly YouTube videos with the SmokeSports fellas breaking down games and giving our picks. Definitely check those out every week on the SmokeSports YouTube page. Had to give a shameless plug there. The past couple of weeks have been very meh for me gambling on the NFL. I’ve strung a few breakeven weeks together. While breaking even isn’t the worst thing in the world, I’m feeling a big week coming very soon!!

Now let’s get on to some Thanksgiving football! Thanksgiving truly is one of my favorite holidays of the year. I mean, what’s not to like? You get to hang out with your family, stuff your face, booze and watch some football. That’s my kind of Holiday! But, if I we’re to change one thing about Thanksgiving it would be the ridiculous tradition of the Lions and Cowboys playing every year. I kind of understand the Cowboys being “America’s Team” and getting a slot every year, but the Lions!?!? We need to put that tradition to an end ASAP. How much better would it be every year if we just got three great matchups on turkey day? I don’t think anyone would be complaining. But it is what it is, so were going to have to dive in to find some winners in this three-game slate.

Chicago Bears @ Detroit Lions – Bears –3.5 – O/U 42

The stinker game of the day! I mean if this thing was on Sunday, it would be the game RedZone flashes to maybe twice the entire day. Thankfully my family generally eats an egregiously early Thanksgiving feast. I never quite understood why we ate so early, but as I’ve grown up, I think I’ve realized my dad just doesn’t want to watch the Lions game. Can’t blame him if I’m being honest.

It looks like both Jared Goff and Justin Fields are going to be out for this game, so that means were going to be watching Tim Boyle and Andy Dalton sling the pigskin around…yuck! There is a chance that Goff plays and that’s definitely something you’ll want to monitor as a sport gambler, but to be honest, I am not sure a banged-up Goff changes my opinion a whole ton on this game. On top of that the lions lost a starting guard in last weeks game. That means they are currently down to only 3 of their starting offensive linemen. The Bears have their own slew of injuries on both sides of the ball as well. Allen Robinson is going to be a question mark in this game along with some notable other names for this Bears side.

So, what do you do when both QBs suck, there’s a ton of injuries and frankly its just two bad teams? You take the under in the total for the game! The Lions are 30th in the league scoring just 16 points per game and just 10.7 ppg in their last three. The Bears come into this game 29th in the league in scoring with just 16.3 ppg. Both teams are 7-3 to the under this year as well. This seems like an easy choice for me and something that just needs to be played.

Note: If I were to play a side in this, it would certainly be the Bears. Dalton is at least serviceable and to be quite honest, the Lions are just that bad. I’m not giving it out as a play, but I’ll likely have it in some degenerate parlays.

Play: Under 42 -110