Tank for Tua NO More, The Dolphins are OUT

Before I start, I just want everyone to know I might be clinically insane. I got OUT of bed at 1 AM to eat BRUSSEL SPROUTS. I dead ass, got OUT of bed, and convinced myself that it'd be in my interest to stuff my face with BRUSSEL SPROUTS, at 1 in the fucking morning. Shit was crazy. Anyways,

I hate when people play games, let's just grow up already. Look, I know a sub tweet when I see one, and good ole Adam Schefter dropped Hiroshima on Dolphin fans when he said, "I'm not so sure that the Dolphins are all in on Tua?" Dude, what the fuck are you trying to say, ADAM, just spit it out. How am I supposed to go to sleep with that thought lingering in my head, ADAM!! Not all in? Since when? YOU were the one who made the report that we were tanking for Tua, before last years season even started. Now all of a sudden YoU'rE nOt sO suRe!!! I need answers, ADAM! What do you know? How many picks are we giving up for Joe, I know you know. I also find it quite ironic, ADAM, that the Miami Herald reports that the Dolphins want to trade up for Joe Burrow, and not too long after that, you drop this subliminal NUKE on Miami Dolphin fans. Also, let's be real, Burrow would rather be in Miami, just ask the last hometown kid from Ohio who left to play in Miami. Joe Burrow isn't just liking tweets about the Miami Dolphins Free Agency for no reason... he could have liked any other NFL teams free agency signings on twitter, and he chose the team who has the 5th pick, but has all the leverage to move up and grab him at one. Every action has a reason behind it. Schefter doesn't just say "I'm not so sure" unless he's hearing something. The man gets paid to drop breaking news. Just like any other human on twitter, Joe Burrow isn't just liking a tweet, unless he like what he sees. While everyone keeps paying attention to the mock drafts (who by the way only get the first 3 picks right, and the rest are just way off) I'll be looking behind the red curtain, and Joe Burrow will be a Miami Dolphins.

-Per SmokeSports.

-Papa Smoke

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