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What’s going on guys. It’s Soup and i got some news for all y’all. I’ve recently decided to upload gaming content to YouTube. I’ve been in the gaming world for almost a decade now, and i decided to share what I do. I’ll be posting montages, clips, and full videos to both my YouTube and my tiktok. With that said, I’ll also be covering the E-Sports community and news with what’s happening in gaming.

When i play games with my friends, we just try to have the most fun as possible and not take things too serious. I’m going to try and create a fun gaming community inside the SmokeSports, where people can connect with each other and just straight up have fun.

A little bit about what i play: I play mostly First Person shooters like Call of Duty and Apex, but I’ve been playing Madden, 2K, and other sports games my entire life. I’m always down to play anything with anyone, and I’m sure we can make a fun community that everyone can enjoy.

Oh and I’ll be running some tournaments and stuff to keep everyone interested and engaged. Hope you all enjoy the SmokeSports Gaming and E-Sports content that I’ll be bringing out. I just uploaded something light on my YouTube so be sure to check it out!!


YouTube- SouperBooper

Tiktok- @SouperBooper

Twitter- @SmokeSoup

Instagram- @NBASmokeSoup


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