SmokeSports Fantasy Football- Too Early Value Picks

So today I’ll be addressing who I think are some of the best players at their ADP (Average Draft Position). These players have some crazy upside compared to who is being drafted around them. So let me give a WR, RB and TE that are the definition of value. You can thank me later

DeSean Jackson- We all know who DeSean Jackson is and the type of player he can be when healthy. Jackson played in just 2 games last season, battling a core injury that required surgery. Back in Week 1, Jackson caught 8 balls for 154 yards and 2 touchdowns and showed he still had some game left in him. With his ADP at 12.10 (Round 12, Pick 10) he has some of the biggest upside for his value. The Eagles always struggle with depth with pass catchers, and with Alshon potentially starting the season on the PUP, it can only help Jackson.

And with DeSean also comes the question, what about his health? Well You're drafting Jackson for the upside, injuries can always happen, so it's better to limit your injury prone players to later in the draft. And the final question everyone has, What about Jalen Reagor? Well you lucked out. Doug Peterson has come out and addressed that Reagor will earn his way into the offense. Reagor will definitely be drafted before Jackson, and not put up close to the numbers. If Reagor eventually works his way into the offense, DeSean will have had his big games early in the season and can be used for trade bait. When looking at the talent that’s drafted around Jackson it truly is a no brainer.

Raheem Mostert- I know this isn’t a sexy pick, but it's all about value. Being the head horse on the second best rushing team in the league has its perks. Mostert finished with 5.6 YPC, the most for a running back and only trailed behind reigning MVP Lamar Jackson. Mostert’s ADP is falling around mid 6th round and I’m loving every second of it. Mostert showed his speed and raw abilities throughout last year and I have a feeling that we are going to truly know who Raheem Mostert is this year.

And now for the question about this absolute stud. Will he split time? Yes and no. Shannahan is notorious for playing Running Back roulette, so you can’t expect an RB1 every week. Tevin Coleman will eat into production, but Mostert literally worked Bredia out of a job. Mostert will put up numbers, there’s no doubt. When drafting my RB2 I'm looking for someone who has this type of upside in his situation.

Mike Gesicki- I just love the situation of Gesicki and the upside he holds. If we can get a healthy Tua on the field for the Miami Dolphins, then I absolutely love Gesicki. I’m a huge proponent of rookie QB’s favoring their Tight End as a safety valve, and I think Tua will take advantage of Gesicki’s talent. The 24 year old tight end went from 0 Touchdowns to 5, and I expect that number to jump again. This pick is mostly based in upside and situation, so by no means is this someone you should go after aggressively. If you find yourself needing a TE in the back end of the draft with a few rounds to go, I think Mike Gesicki is a sure fire pick any round after 11.

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