SmokeSports Fantasy Football- THIS GUY MUST BE IN YOUR LINEUP

With the season approaching, the NFL has given the players options to sit out the 2020 season. There have been multiple big names to sit out so far, but the biggest one for fantasy purposes is Damien Williams. And that means it's time for the Helaire Hype Train.

Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Rookie Running Back from LSU was taken with the final pick in the first round by the defending Champions, Kansas City Chiefs. Helaire is standing at 5’7 207, and is lightning in a bottle. His NFL comparison is Darren Sproles, and you do see the resemblance in his game. But don’t let that fool you, Clyde is a true runner.

With over 1,400 yards and 16 TD’s on the ground he’s proved that he can run the rock when needed and be extremely proficient. And as good as Clyde is, the situation he’s in is even better. Coach Andy Reid is notorious for having Running Backs who score a LOT of fantasy points. When there is a bell cow back who Reid can depend on, he is due for his fair share of touches. I have Helaire stated for around 230 rushing attempts and 8 rushing touchdowns, which is already amazing for a rookie running back. But Helaire’s value will come through the passing game. As and absolute nightmare matchup against linebackers and even some safeties, I have the upmost confidence we will see a significant number of targets that go to Clyde. In half- point or full point PPR is where I see the most upside for Clyde and his situation.

An interesting stat to look into is how rookie running backs finished in their respective rookie years: Zeke-2nd, Barkley-2nd, Fournette-8th, C-Mac-11th.

High draft capital running backs produce. There’s no other way to cut it.

Clyde’s ADP is obviously climbing as it should be. He is now a first round pick, going at the end of the round. I feel confident taking him almost anywhere after the first 4 studs in C-Mac, Quan, Zeke and Michael Thomas. He can climb to anywhere in the draft just on the sheer untapped potential of his situation. If I have any pick after 6, I will be riding the Helaire Hype Train into the championship.


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