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Whatsup everybody just a few things for college hoops going forward. First off, were in the heart of another insane season in college and while it seems like its flying by, we are still 32 long days away from selection Sunday. Half of me is sad and doesn't want to wish the season away, while the other half is beyond ready to hammer a 12 seed moneyline over a 5 seed in the first round. Starting this week we are going to be pushing a lot more college basketball through here (@SmokeSportss) and through my personal page which is basically just me ranting about CBB and Philly sports (@Ryan_Field10 follow at your own risk)

Going forward ill put out a quick post everyday in the afternoon of the plays I'm on for the night, quick notes for games, trends, that kind of stuff. I'm not telling you what to do, just giving out what I like and what I'm looking at. This is mainly to put out info, what I'm seeing and learning about these teams leading into the conference tournament and the big dance because no matter how much you watch or pay attention to CBB, we both know you're going to be betting come March/April. If you have any questions about games, futures, teams, literally anything, DM me and well chop it up. Just a heads up I bet a ton of games compared to most people, ill give my opinion on any game you want just let me know. Everyday is different, some days ill bet 2 games other days ill bet 10. Nothing is off limits.

Last thing, there are 2 things you need to be looking out for and paying attention to. In case you live under a rock and have no idea wtf is going on around you, I want to let you know that every week we (me and @DanteGuardi) do a CBB show with a recap of the week and a look ahead to Saturdays card. Check it out because we have been killing it. Also, we will be doing a March Madness bracket challenge but it will be more based around gambling than just predicting winners, be on the lookout for that as we get closer to the tournament.

As always make sure you're keeping up with all things SmokeSports as were in full swing and have you covered from Golf to UFC, if there is a line, we're betting it. Lets have some fun.

- Ryan

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