Ah shit, here we go again. Todays college board gives me a chub. We got a pretty loaded slate of games which means any gambling "discipline" that I have goes right out the window. To be real the kid needs to have a fucking day. I was on the wrong side of the rig when I bet the Packers ov 50.5, and of course I bet the Saints like a bum. Did I know they were mush before I bet them? Yes, but should they both have cashed with ease? Obviously.

Noticeable Games:

12:00 :

Michigan (-4) @ Michigan State

Texas @ Baylor (-2.5)

3:30 :

Georgia (-14) @ Florida (Neutral Site)

7:00 :

Ole Miss @ Auburn (-3)

Enough of the bull shit here's my fucking locks:

Georgia -14 & 1H -8

For those of you that don't know I'm a Florida Gator, and usually anytime you bet against your team you lose and feel like a fucking bum. But today I don't give a fuck I already feel like a bum so what do I have to lose? Floridas defense somehow looks worse than last year and our offense sucks. Unless this game is rigged to the tee there's no way the Gators keep this close. This Bulldogs defense is a fucking problem.

Texas Ov 61.5

Is this a square pick? Sure, do I care? No. When a man has nothing to lose he has no shame. Baylor's offense is elite, Texas defense sucks. Texas although they suck can score against anybody. As long as 5 is in the backfield the horns will be competitive. Gimme a lil Texas showdown for the one time.

Ole Miss ML +130

Bo Nix is so fucking ass, nothing makes me happier than fading him in a big moment. Shit happens every year. Why am I going to act like I haven't seen this movie 100 times. Ooo they beat up on Arkansas, fuck outta here. This team is a bigger fraud than your car warranty. Rebels roll.

Clemson -9

I ain't no Kirk Herbstreit bih, ain't no analysis on this game, it's just fuck state.

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