Should JJ Watt Retire?

Last week it was announced that JJ Watt and the Houston Texans would part ways. Watt has been with the franchise since they drafted him with the 11th overall pick in the 2011 draft. Watt quickly became one of the best defensive players in NFL history, and took home three DPOY trophies along the way.

There is little doubt that Watt can continue to perform at a high level, last season; he recorded five sacks and forced two fumbles while (most importantly) playing all 16 games for Houston. With teams such as the Pittsburgh Steelers (where his two brothers currently play) and Green Bay (where he grew up) making good cases to sign Watt, it would not shock me if Watt decided to hang them up.

I know it might sound like a crazy idea, but this is the way the NFL is trending. Just in the past few seasons, we have seen the likes of Patrick Willis, Calvin Johnson, Luke Kuechly, and Andrew Luck call it a career when most people thought they had some gas left in the tank. With the risk of long-term injuries, this practice has become more and more common in the NFL.

Watt already is and always will be one of the most beloved people in Houston, and what he’s meant for the city will never be matched. From his charitable donations to the relief he brought to the city following Hurricane Harvey, leading him to be named Walter Payton Man of the year. Imagine how cool it would be to see Drew Brees and JJ Watt enter the Hall of Fame the same year, arguably the two most beloved athletes in their cities history.

Watt has always been a very likable person and wouldn’t surprise me if one of the broadcasting teams like CBS, FOX, or ESPN pays him to come work for them. People would love to see JJ on TV, and he can bring an entertainment factor to a broadcast team that some pregame shows are lacking. I mean look at this guy, he is hilarious.

Although it is unlikely to happen yet, it shouldn’t be that crazy of a thought that Watt might retire before next season. And if he does, there is no doubt to the people in Houston and football fans everywhere that Watt will go down as one of the best players, and one of the best people in NFL history.

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