No Fight In This Dog

We fucking suck.

I'm the optimistic Dolphins fan who believes we have a chance every week no matter who we play, but that ship has sailed. After beating the Patriots we have looked worse than Refusha from the movie Norbit (we could honestly use her on our oline).

This shit is embarrassing dawg, our offense looks like we stole it from the Hellen Keller School of Blind and Deaf football team. We can't do shit, our route concepts are more basic than a 4 year old i9 flag football team, it's like our offensive coordinator is drawing plays on the white board in between snaps. Myles Gaskin touches the ball less than a public school teacher gets paid. Guy is averaging 5 yard per carry and he doesn't get the ball more than 10 times a game, shit is comical.


How many times are we going to get stuffed like a fucking Thanksgiving turkey when all we need is 1 fucking yard!! Shit like that boils my skin, the letters on my keyboard are flying off as we speak. All this fucking hype for what??? So we can start 1-3 and walk around with our tail in between our legs? Sack the fuck up, our team had more fight when we went 5-11. Shit is pathetic.

I know we scored on the next play, but look how pussy this is:


If you want him, I get it. If you don't, I get it. But don't fucking sit here and tell me he wouldn't help us win football games. He was sacked 49 times last year and threw for over 4k yards, and finished a top 5 QB in the NFL. I'm all about giving Tua his fair shot, but don't act like Watson wouldn't help this team win games right now.

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