Prem Picks: Week Three

Matchweek three brings us some mouth-watering fixtures. My favorite of the weekend being Chelsea v Liverpool at Anfield. We always play Chelsea in week three and this game is always an absolute banger. Let's not get ahead of ourselves, though. This is going to be a comprehensive breakdown of my best bets for this weekend slate, and your guide to making enough money you quit your job at Applebees and move to Bora Bora.

Man City(h) v Arsenal(a):

Okay, the first game of the weekend is going to be absolutely hilarious to watch. If you want to see Man City play the equivalent to the Senagalise u14 girls Paralympics table tennis team. then turn on NBCSN at 7:30 am est and you will see an absolute ravaging. Pep is going to do unspeakable, potentially illegal, absolutely vile, things to Mikel Arteta's side. Who, at the moment, don't look like they even want to be playing. The process just isn't working. But you wanna know what is working, or what WILL work, rather. Taking Man City first-half spread at -3/4. Also, if you're feeling spicy you can sprinkle that first half over at 1 1/4.

West Ham(h) vs Crystal Palace(a):

West Ham is coming off a huge win, commanding win at that, over Leicester City. The Hammers looked really, really solid. And I know that Leicester was playing with ten men, but trust me, Ayoze Perez was not going to change that game. Leicester quite simply was not good enough. Jamie Vardy looked a little lost, and when Michael Antonio made it 3-1 to the Hammers, you could see the Leicester players lost all hope. When it comes to the game against Crystal Palace, they're trash. They are riddled with injuries and only have Wilfred Zaha to rely on. Take West Ham -1 and West ham have played two games and have scored 8 times so why not? Take the over at 2 1/2.

Leicester(a) v Norwich(h):

Yeah, Leicester looked bad against West Ham with ten men, but they can play 27x worse against Norwich and still win 4-0. This is one of the easier picks of the weekend and an absolute lock. Take Leicester two ways: Leicester -1/2 and Leicester first half -3/4.

Everton(a) v Brighton(h):

This game is so tough, man. Brighton have one of the more hyped young coaches