Mookie Betts is a Real Life Superhero

Game 1 of the World Series is in the books, and it was the Mookie Betts show. Not only did he become the first player in World Series HISTORY to hit a dinger, steal two bases, and score multiple runs in the same game. As a matter of fact, only one other player had two stolen bases and a homer in the same game, the extra run scored is just a bonus for Betts.

But do these stats make Mookie a superhero? Not in the slightest, it’s what he does for his country that pushes him to superhero status. When Betts stole his first base of the night he scored free Doritos Locos Tacos for everyone in America… for the SECOND time in his career!!! Who doesn’t love going to a Taco Bell for a free taco that would usually cost $1.49, to begin with, realizing that it’s not enough food, so you end up spending money there anyways? Mookie has given us that very opportunity twice now. That is close to $3 in savings from Taco Bell that you can thank Mookie Betts for. One day Mookie Betts will be enshrined in the Hall of Fame, and I hope that on his plaque they mention how much he has done for his country on the base paths. Some things are bigger than baseball. He even had Rays players hugging him, thanking him for his efforts.

It is hard to believe the Red Sox did not want to sign one of the top three players in baseball because they wanted “financial flexibility?” Let me know when your financial flexibility is the front-runner for World Series MVP. It also serves as a reminder that as a baseball fan I would happily give my left nut to watch Mike Trout play in the postseason while he is still in his prime, but that’s beside the point.

By the way, Mookie has also bowled multiple 300 games and averaged 15 ppg for his high school basketball team. He really is just amazing at everything he does.

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