Milwaukee’s roster won’t keep up with Atlanta’s, here’s why

BASED GOD CURSE ON GIANNIS? According to, 81% of the public took the Bucks ML in game 4 with Trae Young OUT. As a wise man once said, “Ball don’t lie”. Seems like year to year Milwaukee makes that extra step, but could never finish the job. Pull some strings in the off-season/trade deadline, adding PJ Tucker and others. But STILL can’t do it. Now the Greek freaks knee injury in game 4 has this series up for grabs by either team.

With Trae Young out the entire game, The hawks were on top by 12-13 deep into the 3rd quarter and peeled away to a 20 point game when Giannis headed to the locker room for his knee.

McMillan, McMillan, MCMILLAN

There’s a reason he coached the Indiana Pacers. Indiana, a state known to bleed a love for basketball. What he is instilling in these young players is immaculate. Reddish hasn’t had significant minutes since February and comes out with top notch confidence. I credit it to McMillan to instill positivity into his young roster. Huerter, young, Collins, with experienced bogdonavic, capela, Gallinari and LOU WILL. A true recipe for a well rounded team.

The Hawks must show up with the same level of defensive intensity if they think they are gonna appear in the Finals for the first time in years.

Just as the crowd was cheering in Atlanta after the 22 point smoke out, HAWKS IN 6, HAWKS IN 6. Milwaukee is in trouble.

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