Miami Dolphins Grades (vs Bears)

Although it was preseason, this past Saturday almost felt like a 1:00 on a Sunday. Our Miami Dolphins took their talents up north to play the Bears and lost 20-13.

This game will show up as a loss on our preseason record, but we won this game. When it comes to preseason football, it's all about who won the first half because that's when the starters are on the field. Despite not having Xavien Howard or Byron Jones, our defense didn't give up a single first down until the last drive of the first half (garbage time). Our defense was lights out and our ability to play man coverage was on full display. Nik Needham played out of his mind and as a result had multiple pass break ups. Side note, I'm a big fan of Justin Fields, but don't let the media fool you. When he was out there against our 1's and 2's he got manhandled, he didn't start balling until our water boys checked in the game. Aside from that, the defense showed up big time without X or Byron, so I give the defense an A.

Offensively we looked ok. Tua came out threading the needle, and made some big plays early on. Aside from the COSTLY INT in the redzone, Tua played great. However, our offensive line looked worse than my toilet after my morning coffee. They did ok when pass blocking, but when it came to running the football it was abysmal. Whether it was Myles Gaskin or Berry Sanders it would make no difference, no one could run behind that offensive line. Despite having a great week in practice our redzone offense was dog shit. We had three plays inside the 5 yard line and couldn't get 6. That falls on both, the offensive line and the play calling. Why are we forcing the run when we're getting NO push up front. All in all there were a lot of positives and a lot of things to work on. The Offense gets a C.


Waddle looked FAST.

Special Teams were fantastic.

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