McVay On Acid

Before I recap last nights game, I want to drop my dick on everyones head because my bets are RED HOT.

14-2 in my last 16.

Haven't had a losing week the entire NFL season

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Anyway, Mcvay had to be tripping balls last night, at least for the first half. Coming into this game, we all knew how dog shit the Seattle Seahawks defense was, especially their secondary. But I guess public information is bad information, because McVay didn't give a fuck. The Rams play calling in the first half was more conservative than Ronald Reagan. Please explain to me what in the hairy hell are you doing running the ball up the middle on 3rd and 10 from the 50 yard line as if you don't have Stafford, Woods, Cupp, Djax, Jeferson, and Higbee, but what do I know. McVay was an icon for his sexy play calling, but last night he was dryer than a virgins twat. There was no sauce, no twang, shit was abysmal.

The Rams ended up cashing and the soft play calling helped me cash my under, so it all worked out. But as for someone who has the Rams to win the division and the Super Bowl, last nights play calling made my tummy turn.

Special shoutout to ole Geno Smith, guy came out there and almost got the damn job done. As a Dolphins fan I'd probably give up our next years first round pick for him. It's not like it could get any worse.