March Sadness...

What a great week of basketball, sadly for me, it was the worst week of my life. Starting with the first game of the whole tournament! I had Mount St. Marys and they blew a double digit halftime lead. Michigan State did the same, and then Virginia Tech did as well. I had the likes of Uconn and BYU who had very bad first halves, but I had hope, that I was due for some good luck. Sadly, it never happened. I could not catch a break. Then, the most annoying loss of them all. Texas Tech! These idiots need to go back to 4th grade and do layup lines and free throws for 5 hours. Its called a free throw for a reason, ITS FREE! Other people who were on Tech tried to say the refs blew the game by not calling a foul. There was no foul, these guys just straight up suck. Arkansas stinks too for even letting those bums have a chance and I would love to see America's team, Oral Roberts absolutely destroy them. However, last week is done and I am going to kill it this week, even if my bracket is already busted and a half.

Todays Picks: Colorado ML


Michigan -5

Oregon V Iowa over 148

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