Luka is the Clippers Daddy!

Luka and the 5th seeded Mavericks have made quick work of the Clippers through their first two playoff games. Many people thought that Paul George and Kawhi could potentially sneak out of the Western Conference but Luka is not making it easy for them by stealing the first two games in Staples Center with ease. Doncic is averaging 35 points 8.5 rebounds 9 assists through two games in this first round showing "Playoff P" who the real king of the postseason is.

Come on if you are hitting shots like this I do not see how the Clippers even have a chance. Honestly Kawhi and PG-13 have been playing well, Leonard had 41 last night, but when Luka gets hot like this it is almost impossible to stop him. The Mavericks are looking like a scary team to play in the second round that I am sure everyone would like to avoid, they miss Seth Curry and his shooting ability but Tim Hardaway has stepped it up recently. I could see them making a deep run if Luka keeps absolutely crushing teams' hopes and dreams like he has been doing so far.

- SmokeLeb

Twitter: @CalebHager_15

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