Lakers Anthony Davis out and Montrezl Harrell isn’t taking advantage of the moment

When I think of Montrezl Harrell, I put him up in the same category as Julius Randle. An aggressive, dominant, and passionate player that is fully capable of putting up a couple of double-double outings per week. But has held his own with an average of 24 minutes per game over the 2020-2021 season, he has excelled in scoring with 13.7 average PPG. And the lakers knew that side of him when they made a run for him in the offseason.

Personally, I believe the Lakers are in a scheme that floods the paint on rebounds on both ends of the floor. Which in a way diminishes Harrell's stat sheet. They'd rather have 2 guys stretch the floor, get down the court and cover what they can while they have about 3 around for re's such as Harrell, Kuzma with the verticle and Caruso with the sneak up steal for second chance opportunities. The Lakers will close the gap with increased pace to get the ball back up the court. More times than not, this has been effective for the lakers. Seems like a Mayweather tactic don't ya think? Controlling the pace is key for the dub.

If it isn't the rebounds for the double-double, the assists will do it too! I'm not the only one noticing it. He is playing great and still has potential to reach a next level part to his game this next stretch of the season.

Things have been different with Davis out. Since his absence, L.A. has gone 3-4 respectively. It'll be interesting going forward to see if coach Frank Vogel will evenly distribute minutes amongst Gasol, Morris, and Harrell or one will outshine the others for extended minutes. Here's my vote for keeping the passionate motivating guy on the floor.

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