Kevin Durant is the best basketball player in the world.

Kevin Durant went ballistic last night. Putting up a triple-double of 49 points, 17 boards, and 10 assists. This was exactly what the Brooklyn Nets needed out of KD, with injuries plaguing their series against the Bucks. Harden went down early in the series with a hamstring injury, while Kyrie exited game 4 with an ankle injury.

This is purely one of the most impressive playoff performances of all time, playing the entire 48 minutes. People always try to find a way to discredit KD’s accolades, calling him a bandwagoner, and someone who could never get it done on his own. He came out and showed exactly why he is the most prolific scorer of our generation, and maybe of all time. Shooting over 69% from the field, he went 16/23 and 4/9 from deep and converted 13/16 free-throws. A truly stellar game from the greatest player in the world right now.

Harden did return to play in game 5 but shot a measly 1/10 from the field. The Bucks led by 16 halfway through the 3rd, but Durant got hot and never stopped. Much like Greg Jennings, Durant put the team on his fucking back doe.

Game 6 goes back to Milwaukee, as the Nets hold a 3-2 lead on the series, and look to get their first win of the season against the Bucks at their home court.

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