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Just Another Day Being A Mets Fan

I thought it was over.

I thought once Uncle Stevie put pen to paper and made it official that we wouldn't be subject to the mockery from the masses.

We signed big time free agents in James McCann, Trevor May, and traded for the best SS in the MLB (Lindor)

But of course, Mets fans can't just be handed something and expect no repercussions. We needed something to knock us off that pedestal.

In comes Jared Porter.

The newly appointed (and now newly fired) GM of the Mets was caught sending *explicit* photos of himself and harassing a female reporter.

This man had the audacity to send not 10 or 15 consecutive unanswered text to this woman, but 62 FUCKING TEXTS. Among them include this photo below and a picture of what he claimed to be a stock image of a penis (not shown below thankfully).

Can he seriously not take a hint after the 20th unanswered text or even the 5th unanswered one? Of course this occurs almost a year exactly from when Carlos Beltran was let go from the team only weeks after he was hired to be the Manager of the Mets.

The Mets have announced that they will not be hiring a GM until next offseason which means that Sandy Alderson and Steve Cohen will be handling those duties among others for the remainder of the season.

Now can we sign Springer already and forget about all of this?

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