James Harden and The Brooklyn Nets Soap Opera Begins

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On Wednesday January 13, James Harden was traded from the Houston Rockets to the Brooklyn Nets. Creating yet another super team in the NBA. Harden will be joining his fellow superstars Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving on the hardwood in the Barclays Center. This comes as writing on the wall, with speculation that Harden did not want to stay in Houston since the beginning of the season. Not showing up to camp, missing practices and overall not showing an interest to his position. On Tuesday, Harden said the Rockets were "just not good enough", which was the straw that broke the camels back. in the bubble, Harden averaged 31.3 PPG, 8.1 APG and 6.6 RPG. The 8 time All-Star looks to start something new in Brooklyn, with this old teammate Kevin Durant.

We've seen it time and time again with these big superstars forcing their way out of situations where they do not want to be. Its seen more often in basketball, but it will be interesting if the football star in Houston, Deshaun Watson, can follow in Hardens footsteps.

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The full deal is a 4 team trade between the Rockets, Nets, Cavs and Pacers. I'll be posting Shams tweet below this, but let me just give my two cents. Nets gave up Caris LeVert, Jarret Allen, Taurean Prince, Rodinos Kurucs and 3 first rounders (22,24,26) while also swapping four first round picks (21,23,25,27). Essentially cleaning house to make enough room for this three year title push the nets have. Below is Shams tweet detailing the entire trade and breaking down where everyone ended up. (On a personal note, trading Jarret Allen was the worst part of this deal. How do you expect to cover any interior defense? Especially when the defending champions have a guy named Anthony Davis)

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Don't get me wrong, having Harden, Durant and Kyrie on the same team automatically sounds like the most dangerous Big 3 we've seen, but having a first time head coach in Steve Nash is the wildcard. With Kyrie being... well Kyrie, he's already taken time off and put his team in the center of attention for not being there. Having these three personalities on one team could spell for disaster as well as success. Kyrie has had a questionable past in Boston, with people questioning his heart for the game and his mental capacity to keep the noise out. I've always loved Kyrie, being able to see him play in High School at St. Patrick was something special. I just hope we are able to see more of him on the court, and less in the media.

In all reality, this Brooklyn Nets team has to win, and win now. The asperations of this team were to get to a conference final, even before Harden was traded over. So the addition of another superstar will only fuel the flame and increase everyone's expectations. Getting out of the East, there going to have to get past both of the Heat and Bucks, and if their able to do that, the West is no laughing matter. My pick is still the Lakers to go back to back, but now the title race has gotten even more interesting. It's simple, this team has 2-3 years to win a championship. They sold the farm to obtain Harden, so it's championship or bust mentality for the Boys in the borough of Brooklyn

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