Where do I even start? As if beating the dog shit out of the Jets wasn't enough, now it's officially Tua Time. Not going to lie, I almost shit myself when I heard the news. Fitz has been playing good, and we've won 3 out of our last 4. So why now? Who knows, who cares, I fucking LOVE it! Our team is finally staring to gel together on both sides of the ball, plus this team would literally die for Coach Flo. Adding the spark of Tua, aka the left arm of God, could be the difference between going 7-9 and 10-6.

When's a better time to start him than now?

I've heard all the cry babies talk about "but it's Aaron Donald" shut up, you sound like a bitch. This is the NFL, if you're scared go to church. Sign me up for Tua vs twinkle toe Goff.

Plus, starting Tua now gives us:

Tua vs Kyler (11/8 @Ari)

Tua vs Herbert (11/15 @Mia)

Tua vs Burrow (12/6 @Mia)

Tua vs Mahomes (12/13 @ Mia)


Coming off this bye week is going to be huge. Personally, this is the perfect time to start him. Why wait until shit goes bad, when we can start him coming off back to back wins and a bye week. Our offensive line has been fantastic, and so has our defense. Get in and strap up because the Fins are back baby!!

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