Is Brooklyn Done?

After losing back to back games on the road against the Bucks, the Brooklyn Nets seem to be in serious trouble. Not only did they lose both games on the road but they might of just lost another super star. Kyrie Irving sprained his ankle and never returned to the court. After Kyrie went down the game was over, Brooklyn was done. It hurt my eyes to watch, at one point I thought I was watching suburban rec basketball. The Nets looked terrible.

Role players were scared to shoot layups, and KD was in his feelings. In my opinion, KD is the most skilled basketball player in the world, but yesterday he got bullied both mentally and physically. What once looked like an easy sweep has turned into a nightmare for the Brooklyn Nets. If Kyrie is done for the series, you might as well throw your Nets futures tickets out the window.

Basketball is a game where 2-3 players can win you a championship, and now Brooklyn can possibly be down to 1. Although KD is a world class talent he won't have enough help to carry his team through this series. Start saying your Hail Marry's Brooklyn because you guys are in trouble.