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Updated: Oct 1, 2021

Yo what’s up SmokeSports! My name is Bobby and I am going to be writing some blogs for the site. Excited to contribute to the team. I am a sports fanatic and pretty much plan my life around sports. On top of that I’m a degenerate who would bet an Asian ping pong match if I needed some action. So, expect to see some NFL, CFB, PGA, EPL, NHL type of blogs and definitely my picks! Feel free to follow along on twitter as well @bminus3


Some more shit about me you probably don’t care about, but I feel inclined to share to show my bias. I am from Rochester, NY (hour outside Buffalo), but I am somehow a diehard Miami Dolphins fans. I hate the Bills and their fans with every fiber of my being. A bunch of big mouth scum bags. On the flip side, I am a Buffalo Sabres fan, so I must put up with a lot of those same idiot fans. The Sabres could be the most pathetic franchise in all of sports, but I support em. My college team is Michigan and a win this week vs Wisconsin could have me starting to believe in this team that constantly lets me down every year. I love to watch the English Premier League. It’s the perfect sport to get your weekend mornings started with some early action leading up to Football. Arsenal is my team there and I love being a Gooner. Finally, I am Baltimore Orioles fan. If the Sabres are the worst franchise in all of sports, the Orioles would be a close second. Regular season baseball is too boring anyway, so I just like to watch and bet playoff games.

Moral of that background: I support a random array of teams that all fucking suck and have for pretty much my whole life.

TNF Jags @ Bengals:

I couldn’t write my first blog and not give out a pick. This game sucks and if it was on a Sunday it would be an afterthought. But there giving it to us on Thursday night, so your damn right was going to watch it and bet it.

I’ll be honest, I don’t love the line at Bengals -7.5. I am not sure the Bengals should be -7.5 to any team in the league. But then again, the Jaguars lost to the fucking Texans by double digits. Trevor Lawrence has only 5 TDs to his 7 INTs this year. Urban Meyer, that fucking scumbag, doesn’t seem to have command over that locker room and first year coaches are historically bad on TNF. And on the flip side, the Bengals have been somewhat of a pleasant surprise to start the year. Burrow looks solid and Chase has been a monster.

So, here’s how we’re going to attack the game. The classic 6-point teaser! Get the Bengals down to -1.5 and give me a teased down over of 40 points. Love the Bengal’s just to win and the over has been 8-1 on prime time this year. Also, I love Joe Mixon to go off tonight.


- 6-point teaser: Bengals -1.5 & Jags/Bengals over 40 points. -110 2u

- Joe Mixon O 89.5 rushing yards. -115 1u

- Joe Mixon to score at least 2 TDs. +300 .5u

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