I Been Gettin Dirty Money Jordan Belfort

It’s the freakin weekend. Early this week, it seems sports betting in Florida has finally reached the light at the end of the tunnel. And you know what that means, more degenerate 🤡 bettors than ever. But today, I’m fishing through the seaweed for some lines. With just about every NBA teams injury riddled it’s locks are slim today. But I got ✌🏼 with a bonus at the end.

Miami Heat v Chicago Bulls (Over 206)

I think both teams are capable of showing out tonight. Even with Zach Levine OUT if you’ve watched any seasonal bball Chicago’s backcourt holds it down (when they want to). Vucevic has found his comfort already with an influx of shot attempts, jacking up 29 shot attempts lookin like Kobe. As for the Heat, there defensive efforts always showcase why Vegas hits us with a low line. Just have to get lucky and I’m feelin it tonight.

Milwaukee Bucks v Philadelphia 76ers (-6.5)

These 2 teams had a shootout earlier this week but Giannis gave em a little bit of everything (per usual). Droppin 3s and all. Ben Simmons is OUT and Joel Embid isn’t a 100%. So lemme get the bucks that are salty they aren’t in 1st seed for the first time in about 3 seasons. But I’m still buying a point.

Like I said the lines aren’t really mouth watering with the injury riddled teams. But I found a few that I like. Good luck Gents 🤙🏼

Ohhh and Masvidal +317, with proper preparation LFG.

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