I am the Single Greatest Basketball Prop Bettor of All Time.

So as some of you know, SmokeSports holds a weekly contest called Bettor of the Week. We give you 10 units to play with every day, and Sundays you get 20 units, this past week I went 7-1, going 1-1 on Monday, and then finishing 6-0 on basketball props. I'm going to link the updated rules below, so anyone who's interested can check it out.

It's totally free, and if you win the week, you receive some cash and some merch, so be sure to check it out if interested. Now, let me take you through my absolute fire streak to win this weeks BOW.

-Tuesday, Feb 16th, I ran with the Joker over 25 points. Both Gary Harris and Millsap were out for the Nuggets, so I knew Jokic was going to have to score the majority of the points. Theis was out for the Celtics as well, so i knew they were going to struggle to guard the big bad Jokic. He ended up scoring 43 on the night, so that was a W.

-Wednesday, Feb 17th I went with Russ' over 17.5 boards and assists. I knew he would have to out-hustle the backcourt of the nuggets to get the W. He ended the night with 13 boards and 12 assists, easily cashing the 17.5.

-Thursday, Feb 18th, I went with Joe Harris over 2.5 three's. This is a prop I just love to run with on a daily basis, and I took it again later in the week. I just had a feeling the Nets were gonna have to let the ball fly if they wanted to beat the Lakers. Harris ended with 6 threes to cash the over easy.

-Friday, Feb 19th, I went with Brook Lopez under 11.5 points. The reason I did this was primarily Al Horford took a rest day the day before for the Thunder, and the Bucks were on a 5 game slide. Figured the points were going to have to come from Giannis and Middleton, which they did. Brook only ended scoring 7 points on the night, cashing the under.

- Saturday, Feb 20th was a sketchy day for me, as I rode the Dame Train against Russ and the Wizards. The over for Dame was 33.5, and he ended up cashing the over by a point, finishing the night with 35. I took the over because CJ McCollum was out, and Dame usually lets the ball go against Russell Westbrook. He did take 30 shots on the night, but only going 10/30 from the field. What saved me was the 7/17 from 3.

-Sunday, Feb 21 was the 20 unit day, and I went back to the wishing well. Joe Harris over 2.5 threes. The only true reason I did this was the matchup between the Nets and Clippers. To beat the Clippers, your going to have to shoot the ball well. They're deep and shooting the ball from three is a must to win. I bet on big dick Joe Harris to carry me to the promise land, and he did just that.

And just like this, I crushed the BOW on straight basketball prop bets. I am a god and I will do it again this week. So you better be tailing the GOAT.

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