Goodbye Aaron

The Green Bay Packers OTA's started yesterday, and for the first time a special someone was no where to be found, That special someone would be reigning MVP QB Aaron Rodgers. Instead of attending OTA's, Aaron was out getting hammered and having a good ole time.

Aside from winning the MVP can you really blame him for wanting to leave Green Bay? Aaron can tell the media how much he loves Jordan Love, and I'm sure he's a great kid, but cmon, when the franchise you've been with for 16 years drafts a QB in the first round I KNOW you feel some type of way. Rodgers hasn't been to the Super Bowl in over 10 years, and instead of trying to build around him and win now, the Packers are building for the future which is flat out disrespectful considering the production they're getting out of Rodgers.

I believe the straw that broke the camels back was Head Coach Matt Lafleur and his shriveled ball sack sending out the field goal team on 4th and goal in the NFC Championship Game. As my High School football coach once told me "if you want something soft, I'll shit in your hand" and Aaron Rodgers is tired of getting a handful of shit from the Green Bay Packers.

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