G.O.A.T Amongst G.O.A.T's!!!

There's been a lot of talk in the barbershop that Tom Brady ain't this or Tom Brady ain't that. Well finally the time has come where we can put that shit to rest. In my opinion, Tom has always been the best and maybe you could've made the argument as to why somebody else is better but now you can't. I mean lets seriously sit down and think. People have said Drew Brees is better and although Drew is first overall in some stat categories he doesn't have the seven rings to match those stats. Peyton, although equivalently as good never had that post season dog in him like Tom. Same can be said about Rodgers. We can even throw it back to his inspiration Joe Montana. Joe has 40,551 yards and 273 td's across a 15 year career compared to Tom's 79,204 yards, 581 td's and 21 year career. The point I am making is whether you compare him to the best of the modern era or the best from back in the day, Tom will always be on top and it really isn't close.

I won't say Tom is the greatest amongst every sport because in reality each and every sport is too different to have a fair comparison but, I will say if there was an all time list and there were some sort of algorithm to calculate who truly was the best I would like to think he is top five. If I had to compare him to another athlete it would most definitely be a mixture of Kobe and MJ. Tom has the mamba mentality every time he steps on that field and it has shown throughout his decorated career but most recently when he chirped Honey Badger and quite literally bullied his ass shortly thereafter. At 43 years old he still wants to be better and wants to win and I don't think most athletes with his kind of career and money would even be playing past the age of 40. I think Tom resembles MJ in the sense that he is a winner and he comes up big when you need him. We all watched that Patriots vs Falcons super bowl. He more often than not has found a way to win. As a coach you always play whoever gives you the best chance to win and that is Tom Brady.

I don't think Tom is the most athletic QB or has the best arm or is the most mobile but for some reason even quarterbacks who do possess such qualities aren't in his league and most likely never will be. Have we seen the best of Tom? Probably, but I don't think we have seen the last of him and I think it is silly of us to count him out. Just when you think he is done and it is all down hill he takes the home team to the championship and dog walks all over the Chiefs.

Bold prediction: I think Tom has one more ring left in him. Maybe he gets it or maybe he doesn't but I think he's done enough to at least make us consider it. I don't think there will be another Brady for a long while because he is simply a Goat Amongst Goats!

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